We support the preparation and submission of EU proposals. To simplify the possibilities we have created 5 options.

Quick scan

A quickscan is a quick and easy way to assess the quality of a proposal. We examine all official criteria and sub-criteria to establish whether a proposal is complete, eligible and whether it has the potential to be funded.


A pre-evaluation is an effective way to gain insight into the chances of a proposal of being funded. The proposal is being evaluated according to the rules applied by the European Commission. All criteria and sub-criteria are considered. A full evaluation summary report is prepared.

Although we read and review the proposal as it is done during the official evaluation, there is a difference. During the official evaluation each proposal is evaluated by at least 3 experts from relevant domains. A Pre-evaluation therefore is only an approximation. The result gives a good impression of the performance of a proposal during a real evaluation.

You will receive a scorecard with a summary of strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis and reporting

The analysis is the most elaborate way to assess the chances of the proposal with respect to its evaluation.

We carefully analyse and evaluate the proposal and write an extensive report, signalling strengths and weaknesses and proposing improvements.

Writing the proposal

You may prefer us to write or co-author the proposal. We take care of the completeness, terminology and readability of the proposal and make sure it addresses the criteria, while you can devote your time to building the consortium.

We flag weaknesses in the concept and keep track of information that must be provided by the consortium members.

Supporting the proposal process

Our full support during the proposal preoaration process covers writing the proposal and its annexes, assisting with the negotiations with potential consortium members and preparing the submission.

We give internal workshops and provide training for consortium members.

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